Hidden Truths About Crime Scene Cleanup St Louis MO

American citizens, including those in St Louis are fascinated with crime. This is quite evident in the varied TV shows and movie premiers today. Even with all the information about crime scenes that most people are privy to, many still are misled with the amount of false information out there. Here are some of the hidden truths about crime scene cleanup James Bulger St Louis MO that you should know.

Who Bears Responsibility for Crime Scene Cleanup?

One question that most people ask when faced with a scenario that involves crime scene cleaning is who takes responsibility for this task. It’s sad to know that most American citizens believe that the government is solely responsible for crime scene cleanup. For some, they think the police or investigating officers are the ones to bear the cost of cleaning and sanitizing a crime scene.

The sad truth is that cleaning a crime scene is neither the responsibility of the government nor law enforcement agents. Rather the onus falls on the affected individuals or the property owners. Depending on the scenario, the responsibility falls on one of the following: tenants, property owners, business owners, or automobile owners.

The Role of Law Enforcement Agents

Although crime scene cleanup is not the responsibility of law enforcement officials, they play a key role in how and when the cleaning project will be completed. In the aftermath of a crime, the first people to visit the scene are law enforcement officials including the local coroners. On getting there, the first thing they do is to restore sanity in the area and keep the situation under control.

If it’s a homicide, the local coroner might have to be involved here. One of the responsibilities of a coroner is to perform a thorough investigation and examination of the scene of the unfortunate incident. And if the situation demands that the coroner needs to take evidence back to his office for proper diagnosis, he or she will have to take the body along.

However, crime scene cleaning and sanitization will only start after the coroner must have completed the investigation. Usually, these investigations do not take more than a day. Keep in mind that there are rare cases where it can extend more than 24 hours.

In order to keep everything intact, homeowners or tenants will be barred from accessing their property until the investigative work is fully complete. Likewise, crime scene cleanup will be placed on hold until after the investigation is complete.


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